The most common question we are asked is "What do I need to bring for my dog?"

We provide all of the basic needs but some dogs might want or need some extras from home....

Every dog must provide a current vaccination certificate when they arrive at the kennel- this is essential and no dog can enter the kennel without proof of vaccination. Vaccination needs to have been given at least 14 days prior to entry to the kennel.

Some extras you may like to bring for your dog:

If your dog usually wears a coat or jumper in colder weather you are welcome to provide one -we are happy to dress them appropriately for the weather conditions.

You may like to bring a blanket or soft bed if you feel your dog may be more comfortable with something from home.

A favourite toy for playtime.

If your dog requires a Veterinary prescription diet you will need to supply adequate food.

All medication, ointments, ear drops, monthly heartworm tablets etc that your dog may need during their stay.

We are happy for you to provide the above items if you feel they will make your dog's stay more comfortable and while we take all care to ensure these items are returned to you in the same condition we take no responsibility for loss of or damage to any property left at the kennel.

Do not bring any food that is not Veterinary prescription dry dog food or any snacks.