During their stay your dog will enjoy a nutritious balanced diet Including:

Premium dry dog food- Ivory Coat (grain free or whole grain) and Royal Canin.

Tuna or sardines

Pet meat roll ( lamb and vegetables or chicken rice and vegetables)

Seasonal vegies from our garden

As owners and breeders of large dogs we appreciate the safety aspect of feeding twice daily. All of our guests are fed twice daily, morning and evening.

All meals (and snacks) are included in the daily boarding fee.

We feed our guests from stainless steel bowls that are thoroughly washed and sanitised after every meal.

Special Dietary Requirements

If your dog requires a Veterinary prescription diet you will need to bring an adequate supply of food for your dog's stay (plus a few days extra just in case). Please ensure that the food is stored in a sealed container and include feeding instructions.

Only animals requiring a special diet for medical reasons may bring their own food to the kennel. Please note that due to the extra time involved in preparing special meals we do not offer a discounted boarding fee when providing your own food. We do not cater for individual diets other than prescription.

The only food that can be provided is prescription diet- no other food is to be brought to the kennel.


Some dogs need a little more care than others and if they require medication to keep them happy and healthy it shouldn't be an optional extra. We are happy to ensure your dog receives any medication or dietary supplement they may need.

Please supply the medication in the original packaging with clear dosage directions and make sure you leave us with enough for a few extra days.

There is no additional charge to administer medication or dietary supplements provided that they can be given in a meal.